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Once you fill your bus with the right people in the right seats, it becomes less a question of where you're headed—and instead, how far you can go.


Innovation. Partnership. Service.

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Before You Start

Our purpose statement is to create a premier experience through innovation, empowered partnership, and elevated service. We achieve this through our people – having the right people, in the right places, doing the right things makes the difference.

Complete New Hire Paperwork

Completing your pre-hire paperwork is a crucial step in ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding experience. By providing accurate and timely information, you'll help us set up your employment records, benefits, and payroll accurately.

Gather Your Key Documents

As you embark on your journey with us, it's essential to have all necessary identification and documentation at hand. By collecting your license, social security card, Form I-9, and banking information, you'll be streamline the onboarding experience.

Connect With Your Manager

Reach out to your manager before your first day to confirm essential details such as start time, location, and any additional information you may need. Establishing a strong line of communication early will set the stage for a fruitful and collaborative working relationship.

Your Last First Day

Its your Last First Day! Your day will include meeting and getting to know your new team, receiving a tour of the workplace, and completing required first day paperwork.

Your First 30 Days

During your next 30 days, you will be provided with the necessary training to be successful in your position, and provided the opportunity and encouragement to build relationships, and participate in Carriage’s new employee orientation.

Your First 90 Days

You will continue to focus with your manager on continued professional development – this includes strengthening technical skillsets, improving professional relationships, and increasing knowledge and participation in the company culture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dayforce and how do I access my employee account?

Dayforce is an HRIS system that houses your pay statements, personal details, tax information, etc.
Once hired, you can login by going to www.dayforcehcm.com. All employees are setup with an account and a login.

  • Company: Carriage
  • Username: 6-digit Employee ID
  • Password: CS(4-digit Birth Year) Ex: CS1990

When can I enroll in benefits?

You will have 30 days from your hire date to make your benefit elections. Benefits are effective first of the month following your hire date.

How do I enroll in benefits?

One week after you start, you will receive an email from Smartben with instructions on how to access your account and enroll in benefits.

What happens if I do not sign up for anything during new hire enrollment?

If you do not make your choices by your enrollment deadline, you will have to wait until the open enrollment period before you can sign up for benefits. *

*Unless you experience a qualifying life event like getting married or divorced, having a baby, or if your spouse loses his or her job.

Can somebody help me pick the right benefits?

Yes! You can contact Collective Health Member Advocate Support at 855-635-7278 or visit join.collectivehealth.com/carriageservices for assistance or questions.

Carriage 101

My Journey To Carriage

The Carriage Culture

We Are Carriage – Power In the Belief of People

Partnering With The Community

Carriage Cares

Carriage Cares is a non-profit charitable foundation. Formed in 2017, Carriage Cares provides help to employees who have suffered hardship from unexpected events such as a hurricane, fire, flood, etc.

Empowering Your Wellbeing

Comprehensive Benefits for a Balanced Life

At Carriage, we understand the importance of promoting healthy behavior and we have a number of resources and tools to help you and your team create and maintain healthy habits.

Important Documents